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Dr. Sponge™ Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge Charcoal

Dr. Sponge™ Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge Charcoal

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    What it is

    Dr. Sponge™ Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge Charcoal is recommended for combination skin or oily skin.

    Dr. Sponge™ is an eco-friendly line of natural and biodegradable skin cleansing sponges made with pure konjac plant fiber, an exotic Asian plant commonly used in supplements for its natural richness in vitamins and minerals. This sustainable and revolutionary skincare innovation delivers gentle yet effective daily cleansing and caring for all skin types, including babies, children, and extremely sensitive skin. Dr. Sponge™ is exceptionally gentle and soft. Its unique “jello-like” fiber texture allows each sponge to smoothly glide across your skin and mildly exfoliate simultaneously, making it suitable for even the most delicate area. It works great at clearing pores, dirt, oil, impurities, and even blackheads, leaving your skin refreshed and revitalized after each use. It can be integrated into your daily skincare routine and/or can also be used as a weekly deep cleansing treatment. Continued usage leads to gradual improvement of the skin’s overall condition and helps to alleviate common skincare concerns such as

    * clogged pores and breakouts
    * dry patches, dry skin
    * uneven skin tone, dark spots, and discoloration
    * dull skin, tried and stressed skin
    * appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
    * decreased skin firmness and elasticity

    How to use

    Wet Dr. Sponge™ with lukewarm water until the sponge softens and expands to almost twice its original size. Dr. Sponge™ can be used with or without a separate cleansing product. Gently massage your skin in circular motion with the sponge for about 30 seconds. Repeat if necessary. Once finished, rinse Dr. Sponge™ clean with clean water and air dry using the attached cotton string. Rehydrate the sponge before each use.

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  • Dimensions
    0.3 oz
  • Dr. Sponge™ is a sustainable line of eco-friendly, biodegradable skin cleansing sponges made from plant fiber. A beauty innovation that delivers gentle yet effective daily caring for all skin types.

Customer Ratings & Reviews

4.7/5 (154)

Most recent reviews

By Karen Richard
Love these sponges! I bought them for my son because he has bad acne and needs to wash his face frequently. The water and soap comes out of the sponge easily and it dries in no time. The sponge is not too hard but not too soft...just right. It expands nicely when wet and shrinks back up when dry. I keep it hanging up in a dry place rather than the bathroom so as to reduce mold growth. I am planning on buying this product again!
By Jessica Hoskins
Love it!
By Heather Jordan
I bought a couple of these for my boys. They're teens and have some acne. They used their charcoal sponge a few times but didn't like how their skin dried out from it. Even used some great moisturizer but still didn't like the feeling. I however love mine and didn't find it drying or anything. Everyone's skin is different and maybe theirs is too sensitive? Could be. I do recommend though because I've seen amazing results from these sponges. Doesn't hurt to try 😊
By Rachel Clark
While this did work as far as my skin goes the sponge itself started to disintegrate within a month of opening it. So it works but isn't the best quality.

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