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Muse Membership Benefits:
  • 10% back from all purchases
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    You get 10 back when you shop on Musely
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  • 20% referral bonus when you refer a friend
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    • Refer Products
    • Refer Musely
    Share a product to a friend
    Friend buys
    the product
    You get 20 bonus
    My past purchases
    Invite a friend via your code
    places an
    You get 20 bonus of the order
    • Valid for the first order only
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  • 20% off Musely Seasonal Gift Packs
    How it works
    Musely Seasonal Gift Pack offers
    5 seasonal products at a discount
    Muse members get an additional 20% off!
    Look out for the Spring Pack
  • Special perks on your birthday
    How it works
    Musely members will receive a special gift on their birthdays
  • 2X odds to win Daily Givaway prizes
    How it works
    You can win prizes from Daily Giveaway by just for using the app's features: the more you use, the more chance you have to win!
    • Muse members have 2X the odds at winning
  • 2X Reward Coins when sharing Featured Products
    How it works
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    Muse members earn up to 200 Musely Coins for sharing featured product
    Look out for the Featured Products in the Explore Feed
  • Earn digital currency with cash value
    Earn digital currency
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    Musely Coin is digital money. Different than other reward points, it has cash value and can be exchanged with USD and other crypto currencies.
    Coming soon, exchange with other crypto currencies
  • Invest in yourself Grow with it!
    Membership owned by Muses
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    Muse Membership is collectively owned by all Muses. Your ownership is decided by the number of Musely Coins you have. The more people who become Muses, the more valuable the membership will become.
    Coming soon: your ownership dashboard